Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces have come a long way.  Realistic flames coupled with high heating capacity have made Electric Fireplaces and excellent alternative to Wood Burning & Gas Burning Fireplaces for those that do not want the hassle of construction and ongoing maintenance. Anyone living in a condominium, townhouse, apartment or other living space that does not allow for installation of a fireplace can now have a cozy fireplace to warm up your homes atmosphere. There are a wide variety of Electric Fireplaces to choose from.  CornerstoneMantels.com carries Electric Fireboxes, Electric Fireplace Furniture, Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces, Electric Gas Logs, and many other options.  Most models are simple to install as plugging a light into a wall outlet.  Other units can be installed in a wall space for a more clean face and realistic fireplace design.