Design Specialties Masonry Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Ordering Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions To Order Your Design Specialties Masonry Aluminum Fireplace Glass Doors


Step 1:  Take Your Fireplace Measurements & Select Your Size

Your Design Specialties Fireplace Glass Door will be custom manufactured to your exact measurments. Please click the "Fireplace Measuring Instructions" link below to learn how.  It's very easy and only takes a few minutes.

Fireplace Measuring Instructions



Step 2:  Select Fireplace Type

There are four basic types of fireboxes.  Select the Fireplace Type that matches your firebox.  Please click the "Fireplace Construction Type Information" link below to find out more information on which type of firelace you have.

Fireplace Construction Type Information



Step 3:  Take Your Fireplace Lintel Measurements

Your fireplace lintel measurements are needed to make sure your fireplace lintel does not obstruct the fireplace glass door. Please click the "Fireplace Lintel Measuring Instructions" link below to learn how.  We only need two easy measurements.

Fireplace Lintel Measuring Instructions



Step 4:  Select Your Installation Option

Select either "Overlap/Cutback Fit" that overlaps the fascia of your fireplace or "Inside Fit" for one that sits inside the opening firebox.  Please click the "Fireplace Installation Option Information" link below to learn which installation option works best for you. 

Fireplace Installation Option Information



Step 5: Select Your Door Finish

Select your door finish from 24 finish options. Please click the "Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Finishes" link below to choose your desired finish.

Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Finishes



Step 6: Select Your Door Handle

Select your door handle from 7 handle options. Please click the "Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Handle Options" link below to choose your desired handle.

Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Handle Options



Step 7: Select Your Door Configuration

There are three door styles to choose from:

Bi-Fold Doors, Tracked Bi-Fold Doors, Twin Doors.

Please click the "Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Style" link below to choose your desired configuration.

Aluminum Fireplace Glass Door Styles



Step 8: Select Your Door Glass Color

There are three door colors to choose from:

Grey Glass, Clear Glass, or Bronze Glass.

Please click the "Aluminum Fireplace Door Glass Colors" link below to choose your glass color.

Aluminum Fireplace Door Glass Colors


Addtional Options:


Option 1: Mesh Screen - Additional $100.00

A Fireplace Mesh Screen provides protection from sparks and fire debris to the area around your fireplace opening. Please click the "Aluminum Fireplace Door Mesh Screen Options" link below to choose your preferred mesh screen.

Aluminum Fireplace Door Mesh Screen Options



Option 2: Child Safety Clips - Additional $15.00

Add Safety Child Clips to your order to keep small children and pets from opening the fireplace doors.

Click To View Child Clip Specs & Instructions



Option 3: Key & Valve Cover - Additional $22.00 - 48.00

Add a Design Specialties Key Valve & Cover in the same powder coat finish as your door!


Option 4: Tool Set - Additional $159.00 - $209.00

Complete your hearth with a Design Specialties tool set in the same powder coat finish as your door!  Design Specialties now offers two models of tool sets. Each four piece tool set includes tongs, shovel, poker and either a brush or a broom.  Tool sets are available in all powder coat finishes (Satin, Polished or Boutique Finishes not available)

Click To View Tool Set Options



Option 5: Gasketed Doors - Additional $100.00

Gasketed Doors - some cities and municipalities have adopted codes requiring gasketed doors for newly constructed wood burning masonry fireplaces. Silicone gaskets can be added to most of the Masonry Aluminum Rectangle Doors and Forged Iron Doors.

Please note: Gasketed doors are designed to reduce energy loss up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. DO NOT BURN WITH GASKETED DOORS CLOSED!