Bio-Blaze Square Wall Mount Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Large

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No chimney, venting or electrical connections required. This bio-ethanol fireplace is odourless and smokeless. Only water steam and carbon dioxide emissions.

The intensity of the flame can be adjusted on each individual burner and it can be extinguished at any time by closing the damper door with the lighting wand.

Fuel Type: Bio-ethanol
Dimensions: W 39.5 in. x H 24.5 in. x D 7.875"
Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
Burner: 2 x 0.75 L - Adjustable flame
Burn Duration: 3H  30MIN
Consumption: 0.21 L/H
Heating capacity: 14,000 BTU /3.6 KW
Kit Includes: Hanging material - Extinguisher - Stones (heat resistant) - Lighter - Funnel - Security and assembly instructions
Installation: To hang on the wall (4 points). Do not require any flue or electricity, do not release any smoke. Install in a ventilated room (living room, sitting room, dining room, veranda)

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty