Bio-Blaze Diamond II Wall Hanging Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Inox

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No chimney, venting or electrical connections required. This bio-ethanol fireplace is odourless and smokeless. Only water steam and carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of 3 candles).

The intensity of the flame can be adjusted and it can be extinguished at any time by closing the damper door with the lighting wand.

Fuel Type: Bio-ethanol
Dimensions: W 31.5 in. x H 24.5 in. x D 7.25 in.
Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kg
Burner: 1 Long Burner 0.75 L - Adjustable Flame
Burn Duration: 3H  
Consumption: 0.21 L/H
Heating capacity: 7,000 BTU / 1.8 KW
Kit Includes: Hanging material - Extinguisher - Stones (heat resistant) - Lighter - Funnel - Security and assembly instructions
Installation: To hang on the wall (4 points). Do not require any flue or electricity, do not release any smoke. Install in a ventilated room (living room, sitting room, dining room, veranda)

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty