8" x 8" Gelco Stainless Steel Single-flue Chimney Cap, 304-alloy

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8" x 8" Gelco Stainless Steel Single-flue Chiminey Cap, 304-alloy, 18-ga. Base, 24-ga. Lid

Product Dimensions:
8" screen height, 3/4" mesh

Limited Lifetime Warranty for Stainless Steel Tops Manufacturer warrants that our stainless steel, when reasonably maintained, shall be free from any defects in material or manufacturer’s workmanship for the Lifetime of the original owner. This warranty does not cover acts of God. To make a claim under this warranty, return the top to the dealer. Upon approval of your claim, the Manufacturer will replace the top as your exclusive remedy. The Manufacturer will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.