53.5" x 11.5" Linear Tempered Glass Wind Guard

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Linear Glass Flame Guards

We are pleased to offer our customers an attractive, practical and affordable series of Flame Guard accessories kits. The Flame Guard Kits are specifically crafted to surround, control and protect our existing Linear Drop-In Pans from the potentially damaging affects of wind-blown flame restriction.

Flame Guards are constructed of 3/16" tempered, safety glass with polished edges and easy to assemble chrome corner brackets. We recommend the use of our Flame Guard Kits in all Drop-In fire feature installations located in breezy and/or windy areas.


  • 3/16" Clear Tempered Glass
  • Corner Brackets
  • Flame Guards 36" Or Longer Have Sectional Glass Panels & Center Brackets

Chose from 5 different sizes:

FG-LCB-30 Linear Glass Flame Guard for 30" x 6" Linear Drop-In Fire Pit Pan 35.5 11.5 6
FG-LCB-36 Linear Glass Flame Guard for 36" x 6" Linear Drop-In Fire Pit Pan 41.5 11.5 6
FG-LCB-48 Linear Glass Flame Guard for 48" x 6" Linear Drop-In Fire Pit Pan 53.5 11.5 6
FG-LCB-60 Linear Glass Flame Guard for 60" x 6" Linear Drop-In Fire Pit Pan 65.5 11.5 6
FG-LCB-72 Linear Glass Flame Guard for 72" x 6" Linear Drop-In Fire Pit Pan 77.5 11.5 6
5 Year Limited Warranty