.50 Inch Fire Glass

Give your old, traditional gas fire logs a facelift and turn them into colorful and contemporay fireplace design. Use our online tool to calculate how much Fire Glass you will need. CornerstomeMantels.com provides a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes of Fire Glass for both your indoor fireplace and your outdoor fire pit. The most popular size Fire Glass is our 1/4" small size as it is a great filler and works well in all fireplace applications. You can also substiture Fire Glass for the sand and embers in your fire log burner pan with one single 10lb bag and completely change the look of your fireplace. Fire Glass creates an amazing flame that gives the appearance it is dancing on water. Fire Glass is also high heat tempered in order to withstand the temperatures of a gas fueled fireplace or firepit. Update your fireplace with a contemporary look and buy your Fire Glass at CornerstoneMantels.com today.