Warming Trends 120K BTU CrossFire Burner - Natural Gas + 3V Electronic Ignition Systems

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The CFB120 is established with a specific air-to-gas mixture ratio which produces a taller, brighter flame while using half the fuel of conventional fire rings. Operates on Natural Gas (NG)

Kit Includes:

  • 120K BTU Crossfire™ Brass Burner - CFB120NG
  • 3V Spark Ignitor System - 3VIK

Burner Specifications:

  • 120K BTU Crossfire™ Brass Burner - CFB120NG
  • 1/2" Pipe
  • Natural Gas
  • Dimension: 16 1/2"L x 12"W x 3 5/8"H

Ignitor Specifications:

  • Spark Igniter
  • Control Module
  • D-Cell Battery Pack
  • 3V Transformer
  • 120K BTU Maximum
  • Ignition Switch


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