Tempest Torch Decorative Outdoor Gas Lamp - Piezo Ignition - Liquid Propane

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Created as a decorative outdoor furnishing for a wide array of exterior settings and applications, the Tempest Torch is designed to create the ultimate in lighting enhancement. The display possibilities are nearly endless; outdoor living spaces, retail or business store fronts, walkway pillars, pool areas, mounted onto movable bases or featured on an exterior wall or entry.

The Tempest Torch won Best Outdoor Room Furnishing and Best of Show for all Outdoor Products at the Hearth, Patio and BBQ Expo. The Tempest Torch is manufactured by Travis Industries - North America's largest privately owned manufacturer of Hearth Products.

Breaking the barriers of standard torch design, Travis Industries proudly unveils the Tempest Torch - a dramatic decorative outdoor gas lamp. The patent pending Tempest Torch creates a  natural venturi effect causing the flame to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls without the use of electricity

The Tempest Torch is now available with Electronic Ignition.  This innovation allows you to install up to 25 Tempest Torches on a single 15 amp circuit and light all of them with a single 115 V AC switch from the comfort of your home.  You may also install them on a programmable timer or connect to a Smart Home system.

Options / Installation Kits:


Ignition Options:

Piezo Ignition Tempest Torch Head Option: Head, Stainless Steel Base, Glass, Controls, Removable RAincap, Tip switch, 1/2" Flex With Shut Off Valve & Cover

Electronic Ignition Tempest Torch Head Option: Head, Stainless Steel Base, Glass, Control Module, 12' Wire Harness, 12" Flex Line, Ball Valve, Removable Raincap & Cover





Pillar  Mount Option:

Pillar Mount Mount Option: 3" x 5" - Allows installatin on raised pillar or pedastal. Includes 1/2" flex line.

installation-instructions.jpgInstallation Instructions

Pillar Mount Install Instructions



Post Mount Options:

In Ground Post Mount Option: 3" x 99" Post & 1/2" Flex

 installation-instructions.jpgInstallation Instructions

In Ground Mount Install Instructions

Deck Mount Install Instructions

Deck Post Install Instructions



Post Cover Options:

Post Cover - Square Black: Square, Black. For Deck Mount. Decorative Base. 13" sq. x 6" H

 installation-instructions.jpgInstallation Instructions

Square Black Deck Post Cover Instructions


Wall Mount Option:

Wall Mount Mount Option: Color - Black. Includes 1/2" Flex Line.

 installation-instructions.jpgInstallation Instructions

Wall Mount Installation Instructions


Owner's Manual & Brochure:






Year 1 COVERAGE: PARTS & LABOR Burner Assembly: Burner, Venturi, Flame Spreader, Orifice, Gas Control Assembly: Gas valve, cover plate and hardware, thermocouple, pilot hood, pilot gas line, piezo igniter, tip switch and wiring, LP regulator (if applicable) Glass: Glass (breakage from thermal shock only) Accessories: Portable base (including post and tank cover), wall mount bracket, in-ground post, and pier post One-Way Freight Allowance: One-way freight allowance on pre-authorized repair done at factory is covered. Exclusions: Paint and Finish Further CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS Apply