Rasmussen Alterna 36 Inch Vented Fireball Set - Uniform Size Balls

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Fireballs are made from the same high-heat resistant ceramic-bonded refractory material used in the making of gas logs.  These contemporary Fire Shapes are manufactured using environmentally-friendly ceramic stain colorations. Color appearance may vary from piece to piece, enhancing the uniqueness and realistic look of the product.

You can use these sets with a single or two-sided fireplace. Standard sets are available in the below sizes.
    18" = 20 pieces
    24" = 32 pieces
    27" = 50 pieces
    30" = 60 pieces
    33" = 70 pieces
    36" = 80 pieces
    42" = 90 pieces
    48" = 100 pieces
    54" = 120 pieces
    60" = 130 pieces


    Material: Fireproof refractory ceramic
    Colors Available: Natural Color (tannish gray, the base material color) Ceramic Stain Colors: White, Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Brown and Adobe Red.
    Type: Vented
    Diameter: 4"

Optional Custom Burner:

Add a burner to your FireShape set to complete the overall look. Each kit comes complete with selected burner / pan, sand (natural gas), volcanic ash (propane), ember majic, connector kit and damper clamp and chosen ignition control.