Rasmussen 15" Flaming Ember Vanisher ANSI Vented Burner

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The Rasmussen Flaming Ember Vanisher ANSI Vented Burner is designed with a basic single tube burner. Design to be used under a log grate, it produces a pleasing, variable flame with a more compact ember bed. With the Valve Vanisher design it also raises the burner by 2 5/8", but eliminate the big black box that holds the ignition.

“F” Burner - L-shaped half-pan burner that sits on the firebox floor underneath a grate. Single pipe burner provides flame and ember glow.

Valve Vanisher Features:

  • Eliminates the off-centering or downsizing of the log set
  • Heat sensitive controls now located in a cooler zone
  • Raises burner by 2 5/8" creating a false floor underneath
  • Factory assembled and tested

This burner can run on natural gas or propane and is available in many sizes to meet your needs. The burner pan is constructed of heavy 16-gauge steel, with 1/2" schedule-40 pipe for the main burner tube. Each system comes complete with:

  • Burner
  • 5/8" Grate
  • Pan Filler
  • Ember Magic
  • Connector kit
  • Damper clamp
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Instructions

The Electronic Ignition System is battery powered and uses a variable flame remote transmitter, allowing you to control the flame height of your fire. The Vanisher design has expertly located the valve and control module on the right/left sides of the unit so it is in the path of cool air and does not overheat.


  • Material: 16-gauge steel                                                                    
  • Size: 15"
  • Type: Vented
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane
  • FP Type: Side Face
  • Style: Logs
  • Ctns.: 1
  • Weight: 24
  • Certification: Z21.60
  • BTU: 32K