Rasmussen 12" CXF Custom Pan Burner With Remote Ready Safety Pilot Control

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The Custom Burner is the original gas log pan burner invented by T.R. Rasmussen in 1958. The logs sit in the welded steel rectangular burner pan, which creates an engulfing flame with a band of glowing embers. The Custom Burner can be installed on legs for a clean look (or if the gas supply is out of the floor) or placed flush on the firebox floor with accessory volcanic ash ramped to create a pit appearance. Custom Burners are available for natural gas and propane and can be used with a variety of safety controls, including wireless remote.

All vented log styles can be used with the Custom Burner. Fire Balls are stylish in modern and contemporary decors. Pine Cones are well suited for more rustic settings.

“CXF” Burner – Full pan, tapered pan burner. Single pipe with baffle and ember booster to distribute gas. Logs, FireBalls, etc. sit in the pan – no grate is used. 2” high. Use in Single-sided fireplaces. This CXF Custom Pan Burner With Manual Easy Safety Pilot Control comes with:

  • Pan Filler
  • Ember Magic
  • Connector kit
  • Damper clamp
  • Manual Easy Safety Pilot Control
  • Instructions

RPK3E Remote Ready Safety Pilot "EASY" Control. Requires one of the Wireless Remoter Transmitter Devices to light the main burner. Adjust the flame height manually by turning the knob at the valve. Provides safety shutdown in the event of an interruption in the gas supply or flameout. Also provides a convenient means of lighting the main burner. A safety control is required for all Propane installations, is advisable for natural gas, and is required in certain jusisdictions.



  • Material: 16 gauge steel
  • Dimension: 15"fw x 9"rw x 10"d
  • Set Size: 12"
  • Type: Vented
  • Fuel Type: Natural GasPropane
  • FP Type: Side Face
  • Style: Logs Or Alterna (FireBalls, FireShapes, FireStones, FireDrops, FireGlitter)
  • Ctns.: 1
  • Weight: 26
  • Certification: RIW
  • BTU: 50K


Latching solenoid system that controls the ON/OFF of the burner(s) with the receiver switch or one of five Wireless Remote Transmitter Devices which are sold seperately.