Raptor Portable Charcoal Grill - Red

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Raptor Grill with Red Powder Coated Lid*

Shipping Size: 24" x 17" x 6"

Benefits of the Velociraptor Grill:

  • Fuel Efficient - The Raptor grill is designed to save you charcoal.  When compared to other grills on the market, the Raptor can cut your charcoal use by 75%.  This fuel savings is so significant, that the money saved within the first year will pay for your grill*.  Fuel efficiency also means you only need to load the grill with charcoal once for a full weekend of camping.
  • Rapid Cool Down - The Raptor goes from cooking to room temperature in about an hour allowing your Raptor to be ready for transport faster than any other charcoal grill on the market.  This makes it the best travel charcoal grill and tailgating charcoal grill on the market.  Take the Raptor with you to tailgate before the big game or a trip to the beach with the family and pack it away before you head into the game or head home without the need to dump your hot coals or leave your grill outside of your car to get stolen.
  • Clean Hands Operation - No need to ever touch ash or charcoal throughout the life of your grill.  The Raptor grill features a chrome plated-steel cooking grate and fuel basket that have handles extending beyond the cooking surface enabling lighting, operating, and cleaning the grill without getting ash, soot, or charcoal on your hands.
  • Large Cooking Surface - While the Raptor is small enough to be considered a portable charcoal grill, it features a large 230 square inches (18" x 13") of cooking surface capable of cooking up to 16 hamburgers at once.  The combination of large cooking surface and compact size enables grilling on the go for a large family or group tailgating, on a road trip, camping trip, or grilling at home with a single tabletop sized grill. 
  • Dual Purpose Nylon Lid Handle - The lid features a nylon lid handle which doubles as a lid stand when the lid is in an inverted position.  This enables the lid to be used during the cleaning and preparation processes of the grill without setting the dirty internal grill components on your clean surfaces.

Safety Features:

  • Ash Shield - An ash shield prevents hot coals from directly dropping out of the grill thereby reducing fire hazards and keeping dirty ash inside the grill instead of your cooking station.
  • Sealed Cooking Chamber -  The sealed cooking chamber promotes rapid cool down of the grill reducing the risk of burns after cooking is complete.

Quality Construction:

  • Firebox and Lid - The Raptor grill is built for years of durable use.  The base and lid are constructed from thick steel with the firebox coated in porcelain enamel and a red powder coated lid for durable, long life of the basic structure (note: the red powder coated lid requires occasional waxing to maintain its color and luster).
  • Food Grate & Fuel Basket Handles - This Raptor grill features a chrome plated-steel cooking grate and fuel basket for corrosion resistance and long lasting beauty of the grill.
  • Legs, Side Handles, and Throttles - The chrome plated legs, handles, and air throttles prevent rust and enable a long grill life under variable environments.
  • Lid Seal - The lid features a durable, high temperature fiberglass seal which helps limit the airflow into the grill once grilling is complete.

* Charcoal cost savings assumes that you cook six 8 oz. hamburgers on your Raptor bbq grill once a week at a charcoal cost of 90₵/lb and in comparison to a typical "full burn" charcoal grill.  Actual savings will vary depending on the food cooked, frequency of use, and local cost of charcoal.

Limited 1 year warranty - If inspection confirms that the product is defective in material or workmanship, Raptor Engineered Products, LLC will provide free replacement of parts or exchange a new Raptor grill. Any local or international transport charges will be for the account of the customer.