Pearl Mantels The Classique 140-50 Wood Fireplace Mantel

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The Shenandoah Mantel Shelf is a beautiful solid hardwood shelf that is rustic in design and features corbels that accent the bottom side of the shelf. The thick slab of wood and rustic indentations show off its true character, and nature appeal. Perfect for those that love mother nature, and even better to add that natural organic mother nature touch to your home and hearth. This mantel shelf introduces a new design that is sure to bring timeless beauty and grace to your home. Mantel shelves are conceived in the design studio to be the focal point of your room, an impression that will last a lifetime for family and friends. This mantel shelf will enhance any décor in your home, and is hand crafted and carved from solid Choi wood which is a beautiful Asian hardwood. Choi is similar to American White Oak, it is light colored, tight grained, and its character allows for ease of painting or staining in any color. The unfinished version is available at a lower price and is ready for immediate painting or staining. The convenient shelf allows for the display of family portraits, mantel clocks, decorative candles, and or anything you would like to place on display.

Dimensions Available: 

No. 140 Classique Mantel



1 1/2 in.

Interior Width:

50 in.

Interior Height:

42 in.

Width to outside leg at base:

71 1/4"

Depth of leg at bottom:

4 3/8 in.

Shelf length:

73 1/2 in.

Shelf depth:

8 in.

Overall Height:

56 in.


 Finishes Available:




Tuscany Finish


Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation: 

 Click Here For Detailed Installation Instructions


Click Here For Detailed Installation Instructions