Patio Comfort Vintage portable heater - Liquid Propane - PC02CAB

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Patio Comfort Vintage portable heater - Liquid Propane - PC02CAB

The Vintage Series by Patio Comfort comines the classic and elegant design elements of old world hand crafted alunminum components integrated beautifully into the latest in safety-oriented, functional, high performance, and long lasting comfort heating products. The Vintage heater is protected with an antique bronze polyurethane powder coating that is electro-statically applied. The textured finish and color are designed to compliement and enhance your outdoor entertaining and dining areas. All of our top performing Patio Comfort Infrared Heaters use highly efficient "infrared" radian heat to directly warm people and objects, while not wasting valuable energy trying to heat the air. The high quality components in the Vintage are designed to bring you many years of warmth, comfor, and outdoor dining and entertaining enjoyment. Additional features are unique "french door" style EZ ACCESS hinged double door system for the propane cylinder enclosure, hose and regulator. 100% safety shutoff control, heavy duty cast iron ballast weight to prevent accidental tripping or movement and UL approved in US and Canada. 

Patio Comfort Vintage portable heater - Liquid Propane Includes :

  • Patio Comfort Vintage post, base and decorative base - PC02CAB
  • Patio Comfort Reflector - PCR

Model PC02CAB features:

  • 40,000 BTUs
  • Completey Self-Contained and Portable
  • Unique "French Door" style hinged double door system for propane cylinder enclosure
  • 100% Safety Control
  • All Polyurethane Powder Coated Cast Aluminum body
  • Complete Parts Availability and Support
  • UL Listed and Approved
  • Up to 10 hours of use on standard 5 gallon OPD Cylinder


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Warranty:One Year / Parts Only