Outdoor Greatroom Stone Arch Gas Fireplace - SAFP-1224

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Outdoor Greatroom Stone Arch Gas Fireplace - SAFP-1224

The Stone Arch Gas Fireplace provides all the features of a conventional fireplace, but is more compact, built to last with a great price. The CF-1224 U/L Listed Burner produces up to 65,000 BTU's and is made of stainless steel. The Stone Arch fireplace is made with exterior grade stucco and a super cast top and arched insert. Optional Gas Logset Accessory available.


  • Exterior Grate Stucco Finish
  • U/L Listed Crystal Fire Burner
  • Easy Set up, Less than 30 Minutes
  • Can Covert to Natural Gas Fuel
  • Optional Gas Logset Accessory


  • Width: 62.75 inch
  • Height: 49.5 inch
  • Depth: 22 inch


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1 year Limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel burners. Two year structural warranty on bases and tops. One year warranty on ignition, electronics, and finish.