Outdoor Greatroom CF1242 Linear Crystal Fire Burner with Glass Fire Gems (15lbs) - CF-1242

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Outdoor Greatroom CF1242 Linear Crystal Fire Burner with Glass Fire Gems (15lbs) - CF-1242

Our U/L Listed rectangle burner is a great option for a custom fire pit table. This 12" x 42" burner creates a beautiful linear flame. Adjust the flame height to your desired setting and enjoy the magic and ambiance of a warm glowing fire today. Burners can also be purchased separately for custom projects. With just the push of a button, a beautiful clean-burning fire appears atop a bed of glass fire gems. If using this burner for a DIY project you may need to purchase a control panel separately.


  • 12”x42” burner
  • Color options available
  • Black propane hose with regulator
  • Flexible metal gas line
  • Ball valve
  • Piezoelectric igniter
  • 31 Orifice( CF1242 only- Home LP)
  • #43 Orifice (20lb LP)
  • #21 Orifice (CF1242 only -NG)
  • 3 bags of decorative fire glass for CF-1242
  • Remote *
  • U-shaped heat shield bracket (used for remote operation installs only)
  • (*Included with remote-operated unit only)


  • Width: 13.56 inch
  • Height: 4.625 inch
  • Depth: 42.75 inch
  • Weight: 30 lb



  • Limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel burners.
  • One year warranty on ignition & electronics.
  • One year finish warranty and three year structural warranty on all fire pit bases.