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    Majestic STR36 36" See-Thru Radiant Wood Burning Fireplace

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    Product Description

    The Designer wood burning fireplaces from Majestic take the traditional wood fire to a whole new level. Elegantly styled and available in See-Thru and Peninsula models, these fireplaces offer an expansive view and exciting design applications. With standard radiant design and refractory brick interiors, these Designer wood burning fireplaces rival their masonry counterparts and provide a sophisticated showcase for the natural beauty of a wood fire. The See-Thru Designer wood burning fireplace from Majestic provides double the viewing pleasure in two sizes: 36 and 42 inches. With no smoke baffles, this clean look, stylish fireplace offers an unobstructed view of the fire accented by the traditional look of a refractory lined firebox and heavy duty grate. Designed with easy log lighter access, this Designer fireplace is the perfect way to add warm ambiance to more than one room in your home. The STR36 & SSTB11 See-Thru Designer Fireplaces from Majestic is UL design certified and uses standard SK8 double-wall chimney components.


    Type: Indoor
    Fuel Type: Wood burning
    Width: 40"
    Height: 52.75"
    Depth: 24"
    Viewing Area: 29.1875" W x 21" H
    Venting Diameter: 8" inner | 11" outer
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Listings: UL listed

    Warranty Information

    Manufacturer Warranty

    This limited warranty covers factory-build fireplaces and components. Blowers are excluded.

    5-Year Coverage: For five years from the date this fireplace and components are first purchased for use, the manufacturer will, at its option, repair or replace any defective part of this fireplace or components, or refund to you a sum not to exceed the factory retail price in effect at the time of purchase.

    10-Year Coverage: From the sixth through the tenth year following the date this fireplace or accessory is first purchased for use, the manufacturer will make available to you, at their factory, a free replacement for any defective part in this fireplace or accessory.

    25-Year Availability of Replacement Parts: From the eleventh through the twenty-fifth year following the date this fireplace or accessory is first purchased for use, the manufacturer will make available at their factory replacement parts for this fireplace or accessory, which you may purchase for the list price current at the time your purchase order is received.

    This limited warranty does not cover the following: transportation or shipping cost; the cost of a service call to diagnose trouble; painted surfaces; damage or defect caused my improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse or alteration; poor ventilation of smoke or gases caused by air-conditioning and heating systems, exhaust fans, or pressure differentials product by wind; broken glass components; cracks in ceramic and castable parts that do not affect safe operation; the manufacturer does not warrant this fireplace to be in compliance with local building codes - building codes vary greatly throughout the country and you should determine whether your local building code contains restriction on the use of this fireplace before you purchase it; blowers or fans, which are warranted separately; heat loss due to the passage of heat or air through or around the fireplace.

    Limitation and Exclusions:

    -No one has authority to add to or vary this limited warranty, or to create for the manufacturer an other obligations of liability in connection with this fireplace and accessory.
    -The manufacturer shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, special or contingent damages you might suffer as a result of its breach of this written warranty or any implied warranty, Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
    -This warranty applies only to a fireplace sold and used in the United States.

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