Lion Premium Grills Charcoal Tray

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Lion charcoal tray for 32 and 40-inch lion grills. L109673. Charcoal, pellets & starters. Enjoy the classic, smoky taste of charcoal right on your gas grill with this charcoal tray from lion premium grills. This tray has been specially designed to sit above the burner of your lion grill to provide charcoal grilling in a gas grill setting. Made of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, commercial grade 304 stainless steel, this tray is built to handle the heat. Simply remove your flame tamer, drop in your tray and use the burner on your gas grill to ignite your charcoal, no need to add lighter fluid which can give your food an undesirable flavor. As the charcoal burns, the ash is conveniently collected in the bottom of the tray. Once you are finished cooking and the charcoal cools completely down, simply dump the ashes into your waste receptacle.


  • Enjoy the smoky flavor of charcoal using your gas grill
  • Light the charcoal with the burner of your grill, no lighter fluid needed
  • Constructed of heavy-duty, commercial grade, 16-gauge steel for durability
  • Dual lined, brushed 304 stainless steel is naturally rust resistant
  • Ash conveniently collects in bottom of tray


1 Year Limited Warranty