Heatscope MHS-VS-WS3 Weather Shield

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The Heatscope Weather Shield MHS-VS-WS3 is compatible with the MHS-SP2800, MHS-VT1600. The weather shield may be used with the radiator alone or with the radiator and radio control and/or the connecting element. Heatscope weather shields are recommended for open unprotected outdoor areas, exposed installation environments for all Heatscope Spot and Vision models.

The Benefits of Infrared Heaters are:

  • Heatscope have all parts included such as the mounting hardware and Remote control.
  • Produce more warmth more quickly.
  • Heatscope have a minimal or no orange glow be effective up to a mounting height of 11 feet.
  • For cover outdoor area or used with the weather shield.
  • Lean clean design.
  • Barely visible ambient light (0 to 600 lux max.)
  • Designed for rooms and spaces requiring temporary heating.
  • Developed and made in Germany.

2 Year Limited Warranty