Hargrove 4" Diameter Colonial Cannon Balls 18" Set - 20 Pieces - Black - CBS1820FPBL

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Hargrove  4" Diameter Colonial Cannon Balls 18" Set - 20 Pieces - Black -  CBS1820FPBL

Colonial Cannon Balls™ create a distinctive hearth while retaining a sense of classic style. Available in 18", 24" and 30" set sizes.  Offered in black, brown or beige.

Hargrove's specialty shapes let you easily transform your fireplace from a traditional hearth setting to a uniquely contemporary centerpiece of the room, or anyplace in between.  Each of these interesting designs were created to work with our Full Pan burner system and optional safety pilot control systems, offering simple installation and proven reliability.

Burner System Options:

The foundation of these models is the Full Pan burner system, a burner originally designed for gas logs, but particularly suited to this application.  Featuring a lower installed profile than most burner systems, the flame presentation is deeper and flatter than a typical pan burner. The shapes are placed directly onto the burner media, giving the desirable effect of flames emanating from the fireplace floor.

Control Options:

Hargrove valves and switching systems offer safety, reliability and the convenience of a standing pilot, which eliminates the need to re-light the unit with each use. Hargrove valves and switching systems are optimized to work best with your Hargrove gas log burner. Most Hargrove valve systems are mounted near the front of the fireplace, making them even more reliable and easy to light.


Safety Pilot:

The Safety Pilot provides the ease of lighting and adjusting the flame height with the turn of a knob. The Safety Pilot Control system is a manually operated valve with a standing pilot, which automatically shuts off gas flow to the set should the pilot go out, protecting your home and family.


Variable Flame With Remote Control:

The Variable Flame Valve wih Remote allows the ease of lighting and adjusting the flame height with a remote control. The Variable Flame with Remote Control is an electronic ignition operated system that lights with the push of a button and is battery operated.


Gas Log Measurring Instructions:

Hargrove gas log sets carry a lifetime limited warranty on the logs, in the fireplace which they were originally installed, a five year limited warranty on burners and grates, and a two year limited warranty on valves, pilots and other accessories. Log sets installed in outdoor applications carry a one year limited warranty.