Hargrove 24-inch H-Burner System - Match Light - Natural Gas

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Hargrove 24-inch H-Burner System - Match Light - Natural Gas  Features (RGA 2-72, ANSI Z.21-84 CERTIFIED)

The H-Burner expands on the single burner concept of the Ember Burner by adding a full length secondary burner tube to the front area of the burner pan. This advancement provides additional flames in front of the logs, which helps radiate more heat into the home while enhancing the look of the log set, and also creates an improved ember bed, particularly in liquid propane applications. The H-Burner retains the simplicity, reliability and heavy-duty construction of the Hargrove single tube Ember Burner, but gives you more flame where you want it.

Versatile burner with high btu capacity and sizes up to 36″

  • Dual Burner that provides a large body of flame and additional flame in front of the logs.
  • H Burner creates a realistic look
  • Available in sizes 15 to 42 inches
  • Match Light Only (No Safety Pilot)

Included In Kit

  • Burner Pan
  • Custom Grate
  • Glowing Embers
  • Sand(NG) or Vermiculite(LP)
  • Volcanic Cinder
  • Fittings
  • Flex Connector Kit & Damper Clamp


  • BTU Rating: 80,000 BTU/Hour
  • RGA 2-72, ANSI Z.21-84 CERTIFIED
  • Minimum Depth Required: 14.75"
  • Minimum Height Required: 18"
  • Minimum Front Width Required: 27"
  • Minimum Center Width Required: 25"

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