Ecosmart Scope 700 Ethanol Fire Grate

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Winner 2010 Editor's Choice Award for Best New Product - Green Design International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show, New York

The Scope 700's bold appearance and long elegant flame make it the ideal choice ideal for bringing life back to an old unused fireplace.

Designed for those looking to make an impact when designing a fireplace, the Scope 700 takes the griddle pan aesthetic of the Grooved Fireplace Grate, and extends it to accommodate the XL 700 Burner.

Sturdily constructed of rust treated steel, the Scope 700 is finished in a black Teflon coating.



Style: Grate
Fuel Type: Ethanol/Denatured Alchohol
Material: Steel with black Teflon
Volume Capacity: 1.8 Gallons
BTU Rating: 13,650 BTUs/hour
Heating Capacity: 4 kw/hour
Heating Area: 538 sq. ft.
Consumption/Burn Time: .18 gallons/per hour
Approximate Burn Time: 9 hours 30 minutes
Certifications: EPA Certified
Width: 32.9"
Height: 5.9"
Depth: 15"
Item weight: 102.1lbs.
Location: Indoor use
Items included: XL700 burner Kit, jerry can, lighter with lighting rod



Included Accessories

ecosmart-xl-700-ethanol-fire-burner-small.jpg jerry-can.jpg lighter.jpg

XL 700 Burner

Jerry Can

Lighter + Lighting Rod

Your EcoSmart Fire is covered by a transferable limited warranty and a solid service and support network should you need it. The manufacturer believes in supplying you with the best, most user friendly fireplace and providing you with the means to keep it that way. Many aspects of the EcoSmart Fire are hand-produced, hand-finished and use natural materials, which makes them subject to minor variations in finish and size. All of our pieces will mature and age over the course of time, through natural processes associated with use and with heat and flame. These changes are an essential part of the dynamic of the piece. The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor amendments without prior notice. Length of Warranty: Full two years warranty from date of purchase on all stainless steel parts (stone chipping, painting scratch and general scratches are not covered). The manufacturer undertakes to repair or, at the manufacturer's discretion, replace without cost to owner either for material or labor, any part that is found to be defective. The express Warranties do not include: - Service calls to: correct the installation; instruct you how to use the product. - Repairs when the EcoSmart Fire has been used in other than normal domestic/commercial use or when not used in accordance with the Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manual. - Repairs when the EcoSmart Fire parts or models have been modified or altered in any way that has not been approved in writing by the manufacturer. - Repairs when the EcoSmart Fire has been dismantled, repaired or serviced by anyone other than an authorized representative of the manufacturer. - Pick up and delivery - Normal maintenance as required in the Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manual supplied with the EcoSmart Fire. - Transportation or traveling costs involved in the repair when the appliance is installed outside the manufacturer’s AUTHORISED CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS normal service area. - Damage to the EcoSmart Fire caused by accident, misuse or Act of God. = Any incidental shipping or holding costs to deliver your EcoSmart Fire or parts to an Authorized Service Center. The Warranties set out above are express Warranties given by the manufacturer and are in addition to the rights and remedies which are conferred upon consumers by Trade Practices Act 1974 of the Commonwealth and other Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation.