American Hearth VFDR18LB10P Ceramic Fiber Log Set with Vent-Free Burner, MV, 18-inch - 10,000 Btu - Liquid Propane

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These systems combine the burner and log set into one package. These compact systems fit easily into most fireplaces. The Log Set features richly detailed, hand-painted Ceramic Fiber logs mounted atop our Vent-Free Contour Burner. Includes glowing embers to add to the illusion of a real wood fire at any heat setting.

Additional Information:

This is an unvented gas-fired heater. It uses air (oxygen) from the room in which it is installed. Provisions for adequate combustion and ventilation air must be provided.

Keep room area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids.

Unvented gas heaters are a supplemental zone heater. They are not intended to be a primary heating appliance. Water vapor produced by an unvented heater can create moisture problems in a home when operated for extended periods of time.

The initial break-in operation should last 2-3 hours with the burner at the highest setting. Provide maximum ventilation by opening windows or doors to allow odors to dissipate. Any odors remaining after this initial break-in period will be slight and will disappear with continued use.

This appliance must not be used with glass doors in the closed position. This can lead to pilot outages and severe sooting outside the fireplace.

Do not use this room heater if any part has been under water.


  • Compact Contour Burner requires just 12 inches of firebox depth
  • Made in USA


  • Regulator pressure setting: 10.0" W.C.
  • Gas inlet pressure(MAX): 13.0" W.C.
  • Gas inlet pressure(MIN): 11.0" W.C.
  • BTU/hr. Max. Rate: 10,000
  • Air Shutter: 3/16"


  • All vent-free parts carry a 5-year limited warranty with a 5-year limited labor warranty.
  • Remote control systems carry a 1-year limited parts warranty.