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13 Inch Round Bowl Pan Fire Pit Insert Push Button / Flame Sense - LP Gas - HPC

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Product Description

These certified gas fire pit inserts incorporate a whistle-free flex line between the gas valve and burner pan offering insert flexibility and simpler installation.



  • Perfect for fire pits without electricity and need for flame sensing.
  • Flex line configuration
  • Flame sensing - flame blows out, gas will turn off
  • Spark ignition - No match required.
  • Complete drop-in fire pit insert utilizes a standing pilot with thermocouple to safely control gas flow, manual spark igniter (AA battery) and safety pilot valve.
  • U.L. Certified up to 140K Btu
  • Comes fully assembled with #304 stainless steel pan & burner, FPPK-HC control box with pilot assembly and whistle-free flex line.

Round Bowl Type Pan Specifications

  • Pan is 2-3/8" deep w/ 1-3/8" lip
  • This style of pan is the most popular – available from the small 13" model to the large 43" version. 

Model # / Description / BTU

FPPK13-FLEX - 13” Pan, 12” Round Burner, 36” Flex Line, 90k Btu
PENTA19FPPK-FLEX- 19” Pan, 12” Penta Burner, 36” Flex Line, 65k Btu
PENTA25FPPK-FLEX- 25” Pan, 18” Penta Burner, 36” Flex Line, 90k Btu
PENTA31FPPK-FLEX- 31” Pan, 24” Penta Burner, 36” Flex Line, 140k Btu
PENTA37FPPK-FLEX- 37” Pan, 30” Penta Burner, 36” Flex Line, 140k Btu

Product Videos

Outdoor Fire Pit - Push Button housing install (02:31)
How to install a push button ignition outdoor fire pit using the FPPK Mounting Sleeve on a ready to finish enclosure package.
  • Outdoor Fire P...
    How to install a push button ignition outdoor fire pit using t...

Warranty Information

Hearth Products Controls Company warranties product against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct operation of the product commencing from the date of original sale / shipment from HPC. The warranty on parts and in-house labor will apply only to claims presented to us by our original customer and is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Please refer to the Warranty Chart below for warranty periods.